This page will eventually contain a list of books that I think are worth reading as well as my own novels as they are published.

My first published novel is titled; The Transformation of Delta Province. It is a story that takes place in the mid-twenty-third century about a province that rebels against the worlds socialist dictatorship and reestablishes freedom and individual responsibility. It is a story that will both entertain and inform the reader. It is now available at your favorite book store or on-line retailer. Below is a copy of the press release.

I hope you will read my novel. If you enjoy the story I hope you will tell all of your friends and loved ones to rush out and buy a copy.


Press release

The Transformation of Delta Province is a novel that could best be described as a cross between Ayn Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged and George Orwell’s novel 1984.
The story takes place in the mid-23rd century. The world has been governed for over two hundred years by a socialist dictatorship. The central government is located in New York City. It is run by a ruthless president and a Senate representing one hundred provinces. In order to preserve power, the government has banned the teaching of all history prior to their takeover and destroyed all of the books and libraries containing historical information. They also outlawed the belief in God to prevent people from believing in a higher power than the Senate.
Delta Province represents what used to be Australia. Although it is the largest province it is the least populated and it doesn’t share a border with any other province. For these reasons it is mostly ignored by the Senate.
Chad Billings, The Chancellor of Delta Province, re-discovers the concept of freedom and individual responsibility when he explores a library that had been hidden since before socialism took over. He begins quietly limiting the power of the government and restoring power to a new private sector economy. This, along with restoring belief in a supreme being, creates an explosion of prosperity.
A presidential adviser, David Jefferies, discovers the economic change in Delta Province and is sent to Sidney to investigate. This leads to a peaceful revolution that changes the whole world.
The moral of the story is that no amount of time or brute force can extinguish man’s desire to be free and to pursue his own dreams. It also teaches the importance of having a strong relationship with God.


Other Books By T. K. Bathauer

I have two other novels available as e-books from Kindle. They can be purchased from as well as any web site that sells Kindle e-books.

The first e-novel is titled “Jeremy”. It tells the story of a boy from the time he was twelve until his fiftieth wedding anniversary. It tells  how a boy found out that God doesn’t give up on you. As long as you keep the faith and work hard, you can accomplish great things.

The second e-novel is titled “The Tomorrow Academy”. It delves into the supernatural. Twelve children are taken into an experiment involving a new way of educating. The children end up developing extra-sensory abilities and change the world. It appears to be the beginning of a leap in mankind’s evolution.

Both E-books are entertaining and inspiring. They are written for adults and adolescents as well. I hope you check them out and let me know your opinion.


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