010-Morality in government

Essay number ten: by The Midnight Writer

Morality in Government

No matter what form of government a society may chose for itself, it will fail if there is no moral compass to guide it in making and enforcing the laws.

The idea that government can create morality is insane. It would allow 51 percent of the people to force their beliefs on the other 49 percent. If that happens, individual freedom is lost.

The United States of America was founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs. It would be hard to argue against the Ten Commandments that God gave to Moses or the Two Commandments that Jesus gave to the people.

It is almost impossible for me to believe that a well-educated people could think you should build a government without a solid moral foundation. Even an atheist must recognize the need for a moral code of ethics to guide the leaders of a society.

The First Amendment has been grossly abused by those seeking to take power from the Creator and use it for their own purposes. Separating the church from the State does not mean separating spirituality from our leaders. When you separate spirituality from the State you create the hedonistic society we live in today. What a Mess!

The moral code cannot be trusted to individuals. Without a Creator or Higher Power to guide us, we become subjected to the whims of an individual who seeks to define morality according his personal agenda. If you don’t believe this then just take a close look at the incredible theft taking place today through our tax system. Believing that it is just to steal from one in order to give to another cannot be justified.

Regardless of your personal beliefs, everyone must be guided by a code of morality that all can agree upon. This is most important among those chosen to lead our society. They should never be allowed to waver from those principles no matter how noble their cause may sound.

A perfect example of this is the health care system. Universal health care is being promoted as the morally correct thing to do and yet nothing could be further from the truth. It is a morally bankrupt idea that throws common sense in the dumpster and plays on people’s feelings while ignoring logic and reason. No two people are alike but universal health care would treat everyone as though their needs are all the same. The health care of the young and the old, the rich and the poor, the healthy and the sick will be leveled out by a faceless bureaucrat according to his guide book. It would mean that many would have their needs ignored while being forced to pay for the needs of others who have done nothing to deserve it.

Common sense provides much more effective ways to deal with the health care problem. Completely remove the government and employers from the health care system. This would increase the individual’s income so that they could provide for their own health care. They could shop around for the best health insurance just as they do for life insurance, home insurance, car insurance, etc. The health insurance industry would become more competitive and a whole host of new ideas would be born. Individuals could build a health care savings account, allowing them to purchase insurance with a higher deductible. Change the laws governing health care to stop frivolous lawsuits. Local communities, through private donations, could sponsor clinics to help the truly needy.

In short, free market influence can and would cure the health care problem. Government can only make matters worse. Health care, education, the poor and needy and all the other problems that plague our nation can be cured as soon as we get the corrupted government out of the way and restore morality to our leadership and to ourselves.


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