009-New form of republic

Essay number nine: by The Midnight Writer

A New Form of Republic

Creating a new way of electing public servants, in an effort to avoid creating career politicians, may sound difficult but I believe it can be done. Here is one way that I believe would work. The important thing is to do everything possible to get it right if we are ever afforded the opportunity to make the necessary changes.


Legal citizens over eighteen years of age and with at least a high school education appoint a Precinct Chairman to represent them as a City Councilman. The appointee must be a natural born citizen of the United States and be at least thirty years of age.

City Councilmen appoint a Mayor to conduct the business of the city and a County Councilman to represent the city within the county. They will also appoint a Police Chief, Fire Chief and other needed officials. All decisions made by the Mayor and the County Councilman must be approved by the City Council.

The County Councilmen appoint a County Chairman to represent the county at the district level and a Representative to the State House of Representatives. They will also appoint a Sheriff, a Prosecutor and the Municipal court. All decisions made by the District level must be handed down and approved by the County Councilmen.

The District level will appoint a Senator to the State Senate and a Representative to the U. S. House of Representatives to represent the District at the federal level. They will also appoint a District court to handle disputes between the counties.

The Chairman of the State Senate will act as the State Governor and the Chairman of the State House of Representatives will act as the State Lieutenant Governor. The State Senate will appoint two members to the U. S. Senate to represent the State at the federal level. The State Senate will appoint a State court, Prosecutor and Marshal with the approval of the House, to handle disputes between the districts.

The Chairman of the U. S. Senate will act as the President of the United States. The Chairman of the House will act as the Vice-President.

The President, along with a joint committee from the Senate and House, will have control of the Military. They will be responsible for the appointment of all of the high ranking military officers and will have final approval of the military budget.

The Senate will appoint a Supreme Court, with the approval of the House, along with a Federal Prosecutor and Federal Marshall. The sole purpose of the Supreme Court will be to rule on disputes between the States and to rule on the constitutionality of any decisions made by the legislature. All appointments to the Supreme Court are subject to the same limitations as the legislature.

All appointments will be for a period of four years unless they are removed or replaced by those who have appointed them. All appointees may be immediately removed and replaced by the appointing body if it is believed they have failed in their duties or betrayed the public trust.

No one will be allowed to serve two consecutive terms. No one will be allowed to serve more than two terms during their lifetime. No one who has been removed from office for violating the public trust can ever hold another position in the government.

A new constitution could be written using all of the protections of the bill of rights and the declaration of independence that have served us so well.
This is just one example of how the forces that lead to corruption can be reduced and hopefully eliminated. I am sure there are other ways to achieve the same goal. It all begins with educating the citizens and electing officials dedicated to these principles.

My knowledge of government is limited and there may be flaws in my example that would be hard to overcome but I believe something similar could be created by well educated and well intended individuals.

All kinds of safeguards would need to be considered to protect the new government from scheming attorneys. Never appoint someone who thinks it is alright to question the meaning of the word “is”.

The entire concept should be aimed at destroying the idea of a carrier in politics at any level. It would have to be an improvement over the sorry situation we live in today.


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