003-What is profit

Essay number three: by The Midnight Writer

What is Profit?

Profit has been misunderstood by a large number of people from the beginning of time. It is only because they have not been taught the true meaning of profit. Profit is embraced by all people who understand its purpose.

Imagine a young newly married couple just out of school and beginning to build their future. They start out with a small apartment, a used car and a lot of hope. They sit down at the kitchen table and work out a monthly budget. After adding their rent, the car payment, the utility bills, the phone bill, the groceries etc., they discover that they have two hundred dollars left over. Looking to the future they decide to open a savings account. They place one hundred dollars a month into the savings with the hope of being able to buy their own home someday. They also decide to save fifty dollars a month for emergencies, Christmas and vacations. This leaves them with fifty dollars a month to spend or save as they wish.

The two hundred dollars extra each month is called PROFIT. Profit is the money you have left over after all of the expenses have been paid. Profit is what enables this young couple to improve their station in life. Without profit they would be trapped in their present circumstances with no hope for a better future.

Profit works exactly the same whether it is this young couple or a large corporation. Without profit a company cannot expand or hire new employees. Without profit a company cannot purchase new equipment and improve its product. Without profit a company cannot reward its investors for helping to build the company. In short, without profit a company becomes stagnant and dies.

A society can only thrive and grow with profit. A society can only become charitable with profit. Anyone who speaks against profit is telling you that you have no right to dream of improving your station in life. Anyone who speaks against profit is a fool in desperate need of being reeducated.

Profit has acquired a sullied name in today’s society and that is unfair. It is not profit that is to blame. It is the person who is abusing it. Greed, corruption, envy, jealousy and a whole host of other negative reasons are attached to profit unfairly. They are not and should never be considered a part of profit. We don’t need to fix profit; we need to fix the abusers.

If you are among those who refuse to believe that profit is anything else but evil, then you are among the select few that believe the world is not capable of being a better place tomorrow than it is today. How sad your life must be.

When you seek employment do you seek only to make enough money to survive or do you hope to make a little extra so that you can improve your life. If you seek to improve your life, you believe in profit. Improvement requires profit. If you still believe that profit is evil, you have your head filled with lies and need to be reeducated.


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