001-Common sense

Essay number one by: The Midnight Writer

Common Sense

Logic and reason must guide your conclusions. It allows you to arrive at a conclusion that is fair to all. Conclusions guided by emotions will create unstable results every time. This does not mean that you need to become cold-hearted. That is the last thing anyone should want. It means that conclusions arrived at emotionally are easily manipulated by those who enjoy controlling others.

We are born with the gift of logic and reason. We are born with the gift of feelings and emotions. We are not born with the gift of common sense. Common sense must be learned by applying logic, reason, feelings and emotions in the proper order in a way that allows us to draw a conclusion that satisfies the needs of all forms of information that are acquired by the mind.

By using logic and reason to build the foundation for common sense, your faith and principles will be unshakable. If you try to build the foundation on your feelings and emotions, you will be standing upon quicksand. Your feelings and emotions can be too easily swayed from one moment to another.

I have heard it said, “There is nothing common about common sense”. Common Sense seems to be lost in a society that is out of control. It does not need to be that way. I used to question where common sense came from. I am now convinced it is a skill that can be developed like any other.

Learning common sense is easy for a child when properly instructed but can be a challenge for adults who have developed bad habits. It helps to have a mentor that has experience and it requires a little effort on your part. It is not a big mystery; it is just something that is often neglected.

Like many skills you possess, common sense must be practiced. It’s like the old saying “Use it or lose it”. Always apply your logic and reason and then add your feelings and emotions for best results.

My essays are designed to prove that common sense can produce a government fair to all of its citizens and not just to the group you are emotionally attached to at the moment.

Common sense represents beliefs that all people, regardless of their differences, can agree upon. We can all agree that it is wrong to steal, it is wrong to murder, it is wrong to harm others for any reason other than self-defense and it is wrong to lie. Common sense gives us a standard of behavior that allows all to live together in harmony.

We give little thought to common sense and yet it is the fabric that holds civilization together. The tragic circumstances that exist today demonstrate the perils that follow us when we abandon common sense.


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