030 Violence

Essay number thirty: by The Midnight Writer


There are two things that need to be understood about violence. First, no one has the right to initiate violence against another. Second, everyone has the right to defend themselves against a violent attacker.

I cannot stress this strongly enough. No one has the right to initiate violence against another! For me this is an absolute truth. Vengeful behavior is not acceptable in a civilized society. You should seek justice and not vengeance. Vengeance is driven by the dark forces and should never be allowed to control you.

If you have been wronged in any way you have the right to seek redress. This should be done in a legal and civilized manner. The instant you accept the idea that you have the right to attack someone for trespassing against you, you have given the entire world permission to attack you.

Many consider violence against other animals unacceptable. They become vegetarians for that reason. I think that is a decision that each person must make for themselves but I do not agree. God made the lion as well as the lamb. At every level you will find that life feeds upon life. That is the nature of life and we are a part of nature.

Violence in terms of self-defense exists on two levels. There is the right of individuals to defend themselves and the right of a group to defend itself as well.

If you as an individual are being attacked, you have the right to use whatever means necessary to defend yourself and the laws should protect that right. Society should never condone violence and should protect everyone’s right to protect themselves and others when being attacked.

When a country is being attacked it is more complicated. Defense at this level may not be subject to a court of appeals or mediator to solve the problem. Just as it is on a personal level, violence should be considered the last resort.

When no other means of defense exists, a country may consider it necessary to declare war against another. If war cannot be avoided, the generals in charge should be given only one order. Win! The war should be won as quickly and painlessly as possible but the generals should use whatever means necessary to insure victory and protect the citizens of the country they are defending.

I pray for the day when mankind evolves beyond the need for violence in any form.


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