027 Compromise

Essay number twenty-seven: by The Midnight Writer


The art of compromising requires a great deal of common sense. Knowing when it is okay to compromise and when it is unacceptable to compromise is the difference between the wise and the foolish.

You should never compromise your basic beliefs and principles. You can change your beliefs when you are presented with a better understanding but that is not the same thing as ignoring your beliefs in order to placate someone else.

You should never compromise the rights and freedoms that are your birthright. A person of character would never allow these rights to be compromised. Nor would that person stand in silence while these rights were being denied to others.

When we live in a growing society there will be times that maintaining harmony will create a need to compromise. When this happens, you must consider whether the compromise will hurt anyone or help avoid hurting anyone.

There are times when a person or committee must make a decision which requires a compromise that will necessarily hurt others. I do not envy anyone placed in that position. The best they can hope for is to arrive at a conclusion that causes the least amount of pain.

We should all pray that the officials we ask to make decisions for us have enough common sense to reach the correct compromise without compromising principles. This is why we need to have term limits. Power corrupts even the best of people when it is held too long.

When you are challenged by your opponents to compromise your principles, stand up and fight back. If you don’t allow others to abuse your beliefs and principles you will make more friends than enemies. You will be admired for your courage far more than you will be criticized by your opponents.

This is true at every level. If you are with friends that want to do something you know is wrong, refuse to participate. The chances are they will change their minds or at least some of them will join you. Even if you are alone in standing for what you believe, you will know that you have set a good example.


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