026 Truth vs. Assumptions

Essay number twenty-six: by The Midnight Writer

Truth vs. Assumptions

Truth is an absolute. It is not subject to just one man’s opinion. It cannot be bent, twisted or manipulated into something it is not. Any attempt to change the truth should not be tolerated by men of common sense.

Assumptions are neither truth nor lies. They are mental exercises we use to aid us in arriving at a conclusion. It is for this reason that we should always keep our minds open to the possibility of change when one of our assumptions is proven to be false.

All people devoted to seeking the truth are repulsed by lies of any form. This does not mean you have to treat false assumptions with the same contempt. It helps me to understand assumptions by breaking them into two categories: assumptions that lead toward the truth and assumptions that lead toward a falsehood.

Direct your assumptions toward the truth. If you discover that you are heading in the wrong direction then reexamine your assumptions and try again. I assume this is a common sense approach that will yield the best results.

Beware of all people who use assumptions for the purpose of manipulation and control of others. I have stated many times that words are more powerful than swords. When someone uses assumptions to change the meaning of another person’s words they are declaring war on that other person’s intentions. If you are guilty of doing this then you need to reexamine your beliefs and principles.

In my humble opinion, the most egregious offenders of misusing assumptions are among our Politicians and Attorneys. I do not condemn either. Although I do condemn the profession of politics there are some politicians worthy of our respect. Nor do I condemn the legal profession. I cannot imagine a civil society succeeding without their help. I just condemn all those who would use their position to further their own selfish gains at the expense of others.

A classic example that anyone can understand was the display of arrogance by President Bill Clinton. When under oath about a scandal surrounding his behavior, in just one short sentence, he challenged the meaning of the word “is”. Without intending to do so he exposed many decades of corruption both within his own thinking and within his chosen profession. I do not condemn President Clinton for what he did. He is a child of God and he accomplished great things. But, without intending to do so, his words fired a shot heard around the world; louder than the shot heard at the Old North Bridge in Concord, MA in 1775.

If you believe as I do that the truth should never be manipulated then I would caution you to use assumptions carefully. You should try always to direct your assumptions toward a relentless pursuit of the truth.


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