024 Lies

Essay number twenty-four: by The Midnight Writer


From the day you were born to this very moment you have never gotten away with lying. Every thought and action you experienced became a part of the Universal Consciousness. Not one thought or action has ever been hidden from the All Seeing Eye.

It is also true that you cannot escape from the karma attached to those thoughts and actions. Every time you are less than truthful you surrender power to your dark side and cripple the society you live in until you address the bad karma you have created.

The devastating and corrosive effect of lying cannot be overstated. All of the pain and suffering that our society is currently experiencing began with lies. How many people have you known that were unwaveringly devoted to the pursuit of the truth? Are you devoted to the pursuit of the truth? If you are not devoted to the truth you need to re-evaluate the goals in your life.

It doesn’t matter how you define a lie. A little white lie is a lie. Deception is a lie. Believing that the end justifies the means is a lie. Anytime you manipulate the truth for your own selfish gain it is a lie. Believing that you could ever be superior to another is a lie. Refusing to recognize the harmful effects of your lies is a lie in itself. Justifying a lie is a lie.

Absolutely nothing positive ever came from a departure from the truth. If you cannot see the truth in that statement then you need to re-examine your understanding of common sense. If you feel that you cannot tell the truth then remember that silence is golden.

I know that my opinion on this subject must sound judgmental but I am passionate about the importance of truthfulness. I may think or say something that is not true but it will never be deliberate. When I am wrong I want someone to point out the error in my thinking.

Everything that has gone wrong in our society will begin to correct itself the instant we dedicate ourselves to the relentless pursuit of the truth. I believe that the very foundation of the dark side of our souls is built on lies, deception and manipulation.

There are several one-liners that address lying. Here are a few:
1 Always tell the truth and you will not have to remember what you’ve said.
2 Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.
3 Trust is like virginity; once it is lost it can never be regained.
4 If you always cry wolf, no one will believe you when there is a wolf.

The point is everyone that is guilty of lying will eventually pay for their transgressions. You cannot cheat the law of karma. If you dedicate yourself to being honest you will have a positive effect on your life and the world around you. If you have not been honest in your life, today would be a good day to start.


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