022 Prayer

Essay number twenty-two: by The Midnight Writer


Stop waiting for God to come to you. He’s busy! Go to him. I have learned that when the strength and wisdom of man fails there is an inexhaustible supply above yielded to us through the power of prayer.

I believe that all of our thoughts and words are recorded in the universal consciousness. I also believe that stored knowledge can be made available to us if we are in the proper frame of mind. Perhaps prayer is a way of seeking that knowledge and comfort when we need support beyond our meager understanding of life.

I believe that by praying for guidance and giving thanks and gratitude for the blessings in our lives we are drawing positive forces closer to us. These forces can draw us closer to the perfection that God intended for us to enjoy.

Are your everyday thoughts and actions drawing angels or demons close to you? It stands to reason that those closest to you will be the first to hear your prayers. If angels are close to you they can convey your prayers to God. If demons are close to you they can convey your prayers to the dark side. I wonder what kind of havoc would be unleashed upon the world if demons were the only ones close enough to hear your prayers?

Learning how to pray seems to me to be a matter of common sense. You need to quiet your mind and direct your thoughts and words to God with the belief that God hears every word. I believe that most of our prayers should be thoughts of love, gratitude and forgiveness. It is impossible for me to stress how important forgiveness is in our lives. I believe that forgiveness is the second most powerful force in the universe. Forgiveness is second only to unconditional love. My next essay will be on forgiveness.

It is in our nature to pray for help when we are in trouble beyond our ability to control. When we do pray for help, our prayers will be louder and more effective if we have been in the habit of praying with love and gratitude. Positive prayers help to bring God and his angels closer to us for the times when help is needed. This can be compared to the way life affects us. You are going to respond to a plea for help from a person that is loving and caring toward you much faster than you will toward someone that only turns to you when they need help.

I also believe that prayers can be magnified by numbers. Just be sure that your prayers are directed toward God and not toward the audience. Jesus warned us against the prayers of self-righteous hypocrites.


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