020-Collective salvation

Essay number twenty: by The Midnight Writer

Collective Salvation

Let me make this perfectly clear. Collective salvation does not exist. It never has and it never will. There is a collective consciousness that links all living things together but salvation can only be achieved one soul at a time. Stop trying to save the souls of others and concentrate on your own sorry state of affairs.

If you are offended by that statement you are free to disagree with me but I believe common sense will prove the truth of my opinion. With the untold billions, perhaps trillions, of souls scattered around the universe, not one shares the exact same thoughts and experiences that have shaped your life. Your vanity would have to be off the charts for you to believe that your life is superior to any other? That is especially true if you agree with me that the vastness of the universe almost commands the belief that intelligent beings exist on other planets scattered over the billions of Galaxies.

I believe that there is a universal consciousness that contains every thought, every action, every word and every deed sense the beginning of time. It is the sole property of the Great Creator. God may allow us from time to time to access this information as we would access a public library but make no mistake, it does not belong to you and it never will.

Stop trying to play god with the lives of others. They don’t belong to you. A driving force in our nature is the desire to share our acquired knowledge with others. This is a wonderful gift and I wholeheartedly encourage you to do so. Never confuse this desire with a desire to impose your views on others. Allow them to reach their own conclusion or it will have no lasting effect upon them.

The concept of collective salvation and collective rights will always divide us into conflicting groups. You lose the rights of an individual in favor of a select group. The rights of a select group can never be allowed to override the rights of each individual member of that group. All rights and freedoms are born out of the rights of the individual. The idea that you can protect the rights of one group over another is unforgivably divisive.

All military strategists worth a grain of salt are familiar with the concept of divide and conquer. Anyone who is seeking to promote collective salvation must be either incredibly ignorant or have nefarious intentions. If the rights of each individual citizen are being protected then there is never a need for collective rights.

We all form our beliefs and the principles that guide us through the internal process of our thoughts and actions. Those ideas imposed upon us by others are far more likely to misguide us than to help us sort through the maze we call life. With this in mind let us consider the positive ways that collective attributes can be used effectively.

Through shared knowledge we are able to expand our learning abilities beyond what our individual experiences afford us. As I mentioned in an earlier essay, words are one of our most important and powerful gifts. Let’s learn to use them to influence thinking and not to impose our will on others.

I enjoy receiving the knowledge of others and welcome the opportunity to grow. I also hope that my knowledge will help others to expand their understanding. It is a never ending source of delight for those who have no fear of change. God does not wish you to become a pool of still water but rather a raging stream that influences everything it touches.

Remember that your influence should never be translated into imposing your will on others. God’s will must reign supreme at all times. Your effect on others is just a pleasant side effect created by your personal pursuit of harmony with God’s will.

God did not impose his will on us. He gave each of us the right to make that choice. There was a very good reason for giving us that choice. According to God’s Master Plan, we must each direct our will toward harmony with His. Do you believe you understand God’s Master Plan better than He does? I know I don’t possess that kind of wisdom. Are you capable of being that arrogant? If you are then you need seriously to seek help. You are lost in a wilderness of darkness.

I hope I have convinced you to stop imposing your will on others. Be there for others who are seeking help to sort out their conflicts but allow them to find their own way. We are all going to make mistakes as we seek harmony but those mistakes can only be resolved in the mind of the person making them.

Let’s all seek to guide each other when someone asks for help. Let us also resolve to seek out only one leader; the God and Father of all that was, is or ever will be. I do not know where God’s Master Plan will lead us but I am convinced that as we find out we will be awestruck by its beauty and simplicity.

God calls to you because you are his son or daughter not because you are a member of a selected group. The best way to influence the collective is to set a good example from which they can learn.


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