Essay number eighteen: by The Midnight Writer


Seven point two billion people are living on earth at the time that I am writing these essays. No two of them are exactly alike. So stop talking about all of this equality crap. Nor am I required to treat everyone equally. I’ll be damned if I am going to treat a murderer with the same respect as his victim.

Now that I got that off of my chest, let’s talk about what equality can apply to in a fair and honest way. I believe we exist on four levels; Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Physically, mentally and emotionally we are all different but I believe we are all equal spiritually. God gave each one of us a spark of divinity when we were born and he loves the drunk, homeless person living in a box as much as he loves the Pope. I may be wrong but you won’t convince me of it.

We must also be considered equal under the laws of both God and man. No law should ever be written that does not apply to all of the citizens in an equal manner.

It is impossible for God to promise us equality of opportunity or equality of outcome. If God can’t do that, what on earth would prompt some arrogant fool to think he could? Compassion for the less fortunate and a desire to render help when you can is not only desirable but is the duty of a good citizen. That does not mean you can level the playing field.

I will go to my grave dumbfounded by the number of pseudo-intellectuals who think this is possible. Perhaps they know it isn’t possible and just don’t care. In order to feed their own vanity and lust for control over others they choose to ignore the obvious. If that is true then they are to be pitied. They will pat themselves on the back and claim a job well done without ever knowing the true joy of love and service to others. What an ego trip!

Since it is impossible to create equal opportunity or equal outcome, let’s focus on what common sense tells us we can do. Let’s create a governing system that allows every man, woman and child the opportunity to pursue their dreams. Let’s create a system that allows the successful to donate their time and talents to help the less fortunate. Let’s create a system that allows every man, woman and child to be treated with the love and affection due to a child of God.

This cannot be done by a bureaucracy trying to pass unenforceable laws. It can only be accomplished on a one-to-one basis. The freedom for that kind of action is best supplied by a free market economy that prevents pseudo-intellectuals from interfering. The more prosperous we become, the closer we will get to equality of opportunity.

A free man will seek to aid the less fortunate to the extent of his abilities, without injury to himself. It won’t matter to him who gets the credit. A pseudo-intellectual will pass a law forcing others to aid the less fortunate without regard to whether or not they can afford to help. They will then boast about their accomplishments without admitting to the number of people their actions may have harmed.

No laws are required to help the needy. All that is required is to either roll up your sleeves and help or, if you are unwilling to help, get out of the way. The individual effort to help the less fortunate will produce more equality than ten thousand laws enacted by people who ignore basic human behavior.


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