Essay number seventeen: by The Midnight Writer


Karma teaches us that our actions have consequences. This is not just a religious thought. This is an inescapable truth of life. The Jewish and Christian religions teach that as you sew, so shall you reap. It is the same thing. Even atheists must admit that their actions have consequences.

I like to use the word Karma even though I may be slightly misusing it because of its reference to actions taken to correct mistakes from a previous incarnation, which I have a problem accepting. It just seems like a simple way to express the obvious.

You can try to ignore Karma but you can never hide from it. All of your thoughts and actions have consequences and the sooner you accept that fact the better off you will be. Both good and bad Karma are being generated constantly by everyone on this planet. That means the idea of solving bad Karma through hundreds of incarnations is, in my opinion, ridiculous. It would be an ever losing battle.

Karma can only be appeased by making an effort to avoid all bad decisions and learning to forgive the unavoidable mistakes you make as you stumble through life. In the Christian Bible the Lord’s Prayer states “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us”. I believe this is the only way to remove the effect that bad Karma inflicts upon us. Forgive, repent and atone for your mistakes when possible. It may not cure all of your problems but it will be a step in the right direction.

Try to keep love, affection and compassion in your thoughts and actions. You may not achieve all of your goals but you will be on the right track. It would certainly beat allowing the dark side to control your thoughts and actions. Seek justice, but avoid feelings of revenge. Vengefulness may temporarily feel good but it always creates bad Karma. Use the laws of society to punish those who deserve to be punished. It is a far more effective way to administer justice than acting upon feelings of revenge.

I do not know how far reaching the effects of Karma are on the world around you. I do know that our thoughts and actions affect more than just ourselves. Could the way you treat your spouse and children effect a family three thousand miles away? Could your thoughts affect someone else’s actions? Wouldn’t it be a wise choice to assume that they do? Wouldn’t that assumption lead us to a better way to live our lives?

I have chosen to believe that all of my thoughts and actions are recorded in the universal consciousness and therefor have a universal affect. Even if I am wrong I have created a healthier and happier lifestyle. I encourage everyone to think the same way.


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