Essay number fifteen: by The Midnight Writer


At the beginning of my essays I stated that I had no desire to establish a new religion or to impose my views on others. I seek light and greater understanding through the sharing of ideas.

Everyone has a spiritual aspect to their lives. Because no two people are alike we form our own principles and beliefs. That would indicate that there are billions of religions in this world. We congregate around like minded people and join them in a common set of beliefs. This establishes organized religions.

I believe this is a natural process and in many ways it fills a void that would exist if we isolate ourselves. It is a shame that we concentrate on our differences instead of uniting around those things which unite us all in the brotherhood of man. The more we unite around the ideas we share, the more we can put aside our differences.

I do however believe that there is one religious organization spawned from the darkness. I don’t believe that Satan is a living being. I believe he is a representation of the force of darkness. If Satan were a living being he would be the head of this evil religion. It has been the plague of the world for far too long. From the beginning of recorded history until now there has never been a religion that cost mankind more death and destruction.

I know that it has to be evil because it required massive lies to create. It requires massive lies to maintain and it dies when exposed to the light of truth. Its supporters will lie, cheat, steal and murder in an effort to protect it.

My hope is to eliminate the ruling elite in every aspect of our lives, including our spiritual growth. This evil religion cannot exist without creating an arrogant condescending ruling elite that thrives on treating its followers like slaves.

It has been given many names over the centuries to hide its true nature but no amount of deception can stop the truth from finding and exposing it. It is about to be exposed again and I pray that mankind has finally gained enough knowledge and experience to bury this sick and twisted belief forever.

The religion is Collectivism. Collectivism is not just an idea or thought. It is a Religion. Its leaders claim that it is not a religion because they declare there is no God. That is just the first of their lies. They are actually vane enough to believe they can kill God and thereby become gods themselves.

God’s moral laws are absolute. The laws of Collectivism are constantly changing and lack all resemblance to morality as the ruling elite fight over which one ends up with the most power.

If you are a follower of Collectivism and consider my condemnation unfair, I direct you to study the last one hundred years. Under the leadership of Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot and Chairman Mao alone they murdered more than one hundred million people simply because they were an inconvenience. That is close to the entire population of the United States west of the Mississippi river. If you can defend that you are beyond all hope and should never again be considered a member of the human family.

It doesn’t matter which name you use. Call the Collectivist Religion Marxism, Communism, Socialism, Nationalism, Progressivism or any other colorful name you want, it will still bare the stench of lies.

The people who do support the Collectivist Religion are not necessarily bad people. They are people who are totally ignorant about the true nature of man. They are people who judge their fellow man by their weaknesses and their own misguided beliefs of being superior. They should not be hated. They should be pitied. Pray for their deliverance from ignorance and darkness. They are still breathing so clearly God has not given up on them yet.

If you are among those who believe in the Collectivist Religion then I ask you to consider my thoughts on this subject worth studying. We are and will always be connected to each other through the universal consciousness. This spiritual connection cannot be broken nor can I think of any reason why we would want to separate ourselves. That connection will never interfere with our individual identity. It is only for the purpose of allowing our individual personalities to grow that we are connected with each other. Collectivism tries to reverse the process and that just cannot be done.

Jesus tried to warn us when He said, “Physician, heal thyself”. I ask all of you who would wish to convert me to do me a favor. Stop worrying about the splinter in my eye and start trying to remove the plank that is lodged in your own.

Collectivism is a perfect example of what you can get when you abandon common sense. The Collectivist sees all of the wrongs in the world and arrogantly assumes they can cure them by seizing control. They couldn’t be further from the truth. Six thousand years of recorded history have proven that dictatorships lead to wealth for a privileged few and poverty, even slavery, for the masses.

We should all want to raise the standard of living for every person on this wonderful planet. It cannot be done with collectivism. It can only be done by giving everyone the freedom to pursue their dreams and apply their talents to a productive goal. Free market capitalism not only allows for that freedom, it allows those who have been successful to render aid to the less fortunate.

If you consider yourself a collectivist, you need to reexamine the source of your beliefs. You were probably educated by the ruling elite in academia that have no understanding of human nature. Seek the truth and reeducate yourself.


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