014-Angels and demons

Essay number fourteen: by The Midnight Writer

Angels and Demons

Yes I believe in angels and demons. I don’t picture angels as flying around in the air with wings nor do I picture demons with pointed tails and pitchforks. I picture them as positive and negative forces with a conscious mind and an awareness of their surroundings. My imagination allows me to draw this vision in my mind.

If you believe that there is a universal consciousness where all thoughts and actions of the past are stored then it is a small leap to believe these thoughts and actions could still recognize themselves as individual entities. I like to think that entities with similar thoughts and experiences are naturally drawn to each other.

Those souls who were heavily influenced by their dark side are drawn to the dark side when they die. Those who were heavily influenced by god’s light are drawn to the light when they die. I think I just gave a description of my version of Heaven and Hell.

Now we can take another small leap and connect the universal consciousness to our material world. If the same laws of attraction were in effect we would draw these entities close to us according to our own thoughts and actions. The strength of our thoughts and actions could determine how close these entities could approach us. Presto-bingo, we have angels and demons in our lives.

I love what I can do when I let my imagination run wild. If I assume that they cannot carry on a dialog with me but that they can hear me and understand my thoughts and desires, then I would be opening up a whole new world of possibilities. What if the cartoons of an angel on your right shoulder and a devil on your left shoulder aren’t as far-fetched as we think? In their limited way, angels may be able to aid me in my search for illumination. Demons may be able to coax me into giving power to the dark side. Perhaps it isn’t even their limitations but my own. I think I am going to have to sleep on these thoughts.


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