Essay number twelve: by The Midnight Writer


The truth is that if God did not exist it would become necessary for us to create him. I hope that my reference to God in the masculine gender does not offend anyone but that is what I am comfortable doing.

A belief in gods, religions and superstitions has been among us from the beginning of time. The answers to all of our questions may not be revealed until the ultimate truth is known. Understanding whether or not we have a spiritual quality to our lives has plagued man for centuries and caused untold suffering and death at the hand of ignorance.

It is time to put aside the differences and seek an understanding that can be supported by common sense. Even in this time of great scientific and religious exploration the battle rages on and millions of lives are being destroyed. However, there appears to be a ray of hope on the horizon.

Many great leaders in science and religion are coming together in their understanding. Science is finding proof that there is an intelligent design present in the universe. I never did understand the blind faith that scientists placed in the Darwinian Theory. It required an incredible arrogance to just ignore the gaping holes that exist and pretend that they had found all of the answers. That is not science. That is creating a Darwinian religion. We do not need another religion. We need a new understanding.

Understanding intelligent design appears to offer us a path to that new way of thinking. Imagine yourself all alone and lost in the wilderness. You stumble through the woods searching for a purpose to justify your existence. You see a storm coming and decide to take shelter under a big tree. When you sit down you notice a large heart shape; freshly cut into the bark of the tree. Inside the heart you see the initials “B.J. + S.W.”. Common sense will instantly enlighten you to a few facts. Number one is the fact that you are not as alone as you had believed. Number two is that there are probably at least two other people, baring those initials. Number three is that one has professed their love for the other. Although these are just assumptions, it never occurs to you that this carving was just a fluke of nature. It was clearly done by intelligent design. That kind of intelligent design is appearing in nature in a way that makes it impossible to ignore by all of the Darwinian wacko’s.

Does this prove that God exists? No! But it does make the atheist look like a child sitting in the corner, wearing blinders and sticking their fingers in their ears to hide from having to reconsider. Stand up, look at the facts and have the courage to readdress your beliefs.

I apologize to all of the Darwinians and atheists I may have just offended but it was fun. The point I wish to make is that with each passing day it becomes more difficult to dismiss the accumulating evidence of an intelligent design.

All of my further references to God in my essays are a reference to that intelligent design. I have no doubt about its existence. It only stands to reason that if there is an intelligent design associated with the universe there must be a source of that intelligent design. I believe that it is the creative force behind all that was, is or ever will be. I respect your right to disagree but doubt that you can offer me a more logical explanation.

The most exciting part of these new discoveries is the fact that it supplies us weak and confused humans with something we all desperately need. It gives us hope that there is a purpose to our existence. That alone makes these findings worthy of our vigilant pursuit. I believe that the ultimate truth will be found within this search. Perhaps a new branch of combined science and spiritual growth will be established to find this ultimate truth. I just know that ignoring it would be a tragic mistake.

I hope you will find the courage to let go of all of your fears of change and embrace the possibilities of a new way of thinking. No one will criticize you for having an open mind but everyone will criticize you for being a stubborn old fool afraid to let go of outdated beliefs and superstitions.


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