A return to the lost art of Common Sense

A series of essays by: The Midnight Writer

Economics, Politics and Religion
Simplified for those people ignorant enough to believe that socialism in any form could ever work.


   A basic understanding of how money works and why politics will always breed corruption should be taught to all people. It should be taught starting at the elementary school level. It is easy to teach and understand yet very few people in our society care.

Nothing threatens our future more than ignorance. There is nothing we can do to fix stupid, however ignorance is easily destroyed with knowledge.

The knowledge required for understanding our political system and why it has become so corrupted is easy to teach. Once a basic understanding is acquired, it will never be forgotten and hopefully the mistakes we have made in the past will not be repeated.

After reading my essays, it is my hope that you will agree with me that a free-market economy is the only way to establish a government that is fair to one hundred percent of the people. There has been a lot of talk about people receiving their fair share. I intend to prove that fairness can be guaranteed to all citizens.

It requires more than logic and reason. It requires more than feelings and desires. It requires the forgotten art of Common Sense. After reading my essays I hope you will agree with me that we need to reintroduce the lost skill of Common Sense. Our society has become too hedonistic and out of control. For this reason the next essay will be my description of Common Sense. I will forgive you in advance if you disagree with me but I will reserve the right to consider you foolish.

I have also written several essays on the subject of spirituality. It is not my intention to promote any religion. I am not asking anyone to agree with my conclusions. I am sharing my thoughts and ideas with the hope that an honest dialogue will help all of us in our search for a better understanding.

If any of my views offend you please feel free to let me know but don’t hold your breath waiting for an apology. Sharing our differing views will help us grow stronger.


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